Monday, 20 July 2009

Beach Shoot 19th July 2009


Team: Al, Ed, Joey, Anna, Helen, Kerry, Michelle, Emma, Ricky.

Our first ever location shoot took place yesterday in the lovely Welsh town of Barmouth.

The team of 9 set off at 9:00am from Wolverhampton to arrive in Barmouth at 11:30am. The journey was a worrying one due to some extreme weather as soon as we hit the middle of the Welsh mountains. It started to bucket down and i don't think any of us had never seen rain like it, the clouds were blacker than the night.

However, the tunes were blasting and everyone was in high spirits. As soon as we arrived the clouds parted and the sun shone through... it was perfect.

We set up the tent on the beach and unloaded all of the gear.

The hair and make-up team kicked things into action by getting our beautiful models ready for the shoot.

We started off with some casual clothing, jeans, tee's, jumpers etc as it was still a bit over cast, but as soon as we got into the day out came the lovely clothing from Julia Fish, the designer of The Saress.

We had a full day's shooting and didn't get home till 12:00am. It was well worth it though and I'm sure you'll agree from looking at the following shots from the day.

Pics as follows...