Monday, 7 December 2009

Model: Fearne Cotton

Alex Styles Photography has had one hell of a weekend. 

From Fashion to Celebs to Hair Salons to DJing this has been one busy week for us, and we've loved every second of it.

One of my goals in photography is to work with Celebrity's day in day out and for a brief 2mins on Saturday the 5th December it happened. Not only that but it happened with the one person I have dreamed about photographing since I first picked up a camera, Fearne Cotton. 

Fearne was as lovely as ever and so professional in front of the camera. 

For most of the day I was slummed with the rest of the press style photographers (which I hated), although I still got some great pics. However, although the pics we're good, I was hungry for more and something more fashionable than just smiling for the camera. 

I met Fearne backstage and asked her if I could just get a quick shot of her up against a plain white wall. It was only then when I asked if we could do something a bit more fashionable and asked her to just look really relaxed and natural to which she did. 

I am so happy with the final results, they look as if we had hours together when in reality we had literally 2mins max. 

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