Monday, 17 January 2011


As many of you already know over Christmas I got the chance to assist the great fashion photographer Rankin.

As Rankin is one of my all time photography idols it was such a great opportunity to see how he works.

The shoot was for Swatch watches and was shot in a large warehouse in west london. The shoot took place over 3 days. We shot all the latest ad campaign stuff and also a tv commercial.

The budget for the shoot must of been massive as my first job was to go to the local Tesco and buy 7 Bins and 200 Coat Hangers which came to around £124.00. Also to finish each day we had as much pizza as you could eat.... yummy. (Images for proof)

Apart from making coffee for most of the day, I did get a chance to get right in the action and support the main lighting rigs and reflection etc.

On the day Rankin shot a range of top models and the images looked awesome. Everything was shot tethered to Capture One. The client could therefore see exactly how the images were looking as they were shot.

Here are a few iPhone snaps from the day.

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  1. Well Done Alex!! I am not familiar with Rankin's work but i will search for it now. Must've been a great experience xx