Saturday, 5 March 2011

Shoot: Monika T

Today we shot Monika T as part of a new company I'm in the middle of setting up with my good friend David Hall.

We want to start working with real high end fashion and professional models, and what a way to start.

I have wanted to shoot Monika for a while and finally after a long wait yesterday we got the chance and boy did she rock the shoot.

After every frame we were so amazed with the variety of shots we had to choose from. Monika new exactly from the start just how to work the camera and make that wow factor image.

She is so professional and a pleasure to work with.... Highly recommended.

We shot everything with the Hasselblad, tethered via Phocus. At times it was painfully slow due to my slow mac and the humongous file size at 90MB per image. In total we shot over 20GB of stuff :/ EEK !!

Check out some of the best shots.

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